Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 33 – Little Rock, AR to Marvell, AR (103 miles)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Today was a dam day.

We started out our dam day riding across the “Big Dam Bridge” in Little Rock. The Big Dam Bridge is the largest solely pedestrian and cyclist bridge in the country. It is 4226 feet long, spanning the Arkansas River. It was pretty dam cool. It is the Big Dam Bridge because it is, rather obviously, on top of a dam.

After the Big Dam Bridge, we rode along some really pretty bike trails along the Arkansas River to get out of the city. Once out of the city, the scenery was pretty at times and incredibly boring at others. We rode past some gorgeous woods, right next to ugly farm lands. I guess that’s the way it is in Arkansas.

We had yet another century today. They are almost commonplace at this point in the ride. There weren’t many hills along the way, so that made it a little easier. There was, however, wind. And the wind seemed to thwart our efforts in nearly every direction. Also, perhaps worse than the wind, today was hot. Damn hot. Because we took a detour to the Big Dam Bridge, we got off to a little later start than most mornings; therefore, we were still out riding during the hottest times of the day. And boy, was it hot today. Definitely the hottest and most humid day of the ride thus far.

We arrived at our final destination with many of us suffering from mild cases of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Not a fun combination. But we are starting to feel better after drinking lots of water and getting some rest (and washing the coating of salt off of our bodies). Hopefully we can avoid the crazy heat tomorrow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I’m beginning to think this may be wishful thinking. It’s hot around here. Very hot.

End of the thirty-third day. And it was dam hot.
In my heat exhaustion, I didn't take many pictures today. I'll try to get more pictures from friends and add them to my blog later.

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