Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 34 – Marvell, AR to Memphis, TN (104 miles)

Tuesday, April 4, 2010

So much happened today, I’m really not sure where to begin. It was an exciting day. Big day for all of us. The following is a list (but potentially not complete) of the major events of the day:

1. Crossed the Mississippi River. Around mile 17 or so, we crossed the Mighty Mississippi. It was exciting. We crossed on this really neat trestle bridge. The Mississippi was pretty darn dirty, but it was still a momentous occasion for all.
2. Found the Arkansas state sign. We were thwarted in our efforts to find the state sign when we passed in to Arkansas; however, we were determined to find it at some point. We accomplished this task today – on our way out of the state. This is a perfectly fine solution if one cannot find the sign on the way in.
3. Left Arkansas, passed in to Mississippi. Two states in one day – very exciting. Mississippi was not very kind to us, though. Apparently they don’t support shoulders on the side of the road, so we were stuck riding in the road throughout the day. Well, to be fully honest, they do have a type of shoulder on the side of their roads. But this shoulder is composed entirely of gravel, with about a 3 inch drop-off from the road. This is not conducive to safe riding…

4. Left Mississippi, passed in to Tennessee. THREE states in one day – even MORE exciting. Tennessee also didn’t like shoulders. None existed. We also could not find the Tennessee state sign. Sad. But don’t be too sad; I’m sure we will find it on our way out of the state.

5. Double century. We successfully completed our second century in a row today. It was tough, but we were very proud of ourselves. Our legs and butts, however, are not very happy with us right now…

6. Rendezvous. A famous charcoal dry rib barbeque restaurant. Memphis is known for its BBQ, and I guess this is one of the most popular places in town. I did not partake in the BBQ ribs, but did have delicious red beans and rice. Everyone else seemed to love their food.

7. Beale Street. Famous street in downtown Memphis, known for its Blues clubs, lives bands, and open container policy. We had so much fun listening to music, dancing, and people watching. The “Beale Big Ass Beer” was also a welcomed addition to the evening – 32 ounces of cheap, cheap beer. Yum.
8. Karaoke. We had been looking for a fun karaoke place since the beginning of the trip and we finally found it in Memphis. It was hysterical, to say the least.

End of the thirty-fourth day. And it was big.

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