Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 41 – Leitchfield, KY to New Albany, IN (87 miles)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today was one of my favorite rides. It at least falls in to the top three. It was awesome.
Unfortunately, I did not have my camera for the majority of it (I ended up borrowing a camera from Jody – she was on support for the day), so I wasn’t able to catch many of the scenes. So you’ll just have to trust me when I say that it was amazing.

The scenery was gorgeous – lots of rolling hills (and some incredibly brutal ones), fields of wildflowers, and woods all around. For the most part, the roads were pretty devoid of cars, allowing us to enjoy the scenery without interruption. We crossed the Ohio River and in to Indiana around mile 50. It was very exciting. One more state down. And we passed in to the Eastern Time Zone. It seems like we are moving so quickly! It’s really hard to grasp the fact that, not too long ago, we were back in California…

We are staying the night at an amazing house – it is a HUGE change from our lodging last night. One of Chris’ friends from college lives in New Albany and his family was kind enough to invite all of us to stay for the evening. They fed us a delicious meal, complete with a cake with a map of the US and our route on it. So sweet! Their house is absolutely incredible, as well. They live very close to the city, but their house is set back from the neighborhood. They have a huge wooded area around their house, complete with a pond and a horse run. It’s gorgeous. They also have an incredibly adorable Newfoundland. I was pretty excited about that, too.

Some of the other riders went out in to Louisville tonight. I decided to stay back and try to get caught up on my life (as well as get some rest). I can’t believe we are almost to Columbus, but I am so excited!!

End of the forty-first day. And it was gorgeous.

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